Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Windows Server 2003 SBS: Active Directory related issues

Do you have/plan for Windows Server 2003? Mind following caveats:

  1. W2K3 SBS operates on different AD model (3.0) as W2K3 SBS R2 (3.1).
  2. There's only one W2K3 SBS in a domain – and it is at its root!
  3. Do not even think to add W2K3 SBS as DC to an existing domain!
  4. Mind the W2K3 doesn't "understand" and operate trusts – it just removes from AD (in case if you succeeded to joint it to domain as a DC) on the next replication.

…and one more thing to do, if you install a W2K3 pure (means - no SPs): apply SP2 before joining domain. Otherwise you may encounter problem receiving "Timeout expired for semaphore…"


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