Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Custom data generators for VSTSDB (GDR R2)

The GDR R2 of the Visual Studio 2008 is released!

Among numerous improvements (see here), there's a very useful functionality - automatic data generation.
There are some built-in test data generators providing you with random generated data. In case of your need to get randomized test data matching your specific regulations, the extensibility of VSTSDB allows you to plug-in your own data generators.

The creation of a custom data generator is surprizingly easy: attached code demonstrates implementation of a custom car signs generator for Germany and Russia and can easily be extended for other countries.

The sources and installer are available for download or on request (just put a comment below).

How to use:
  1. Install VSTS 2008 GDR R2.
  2. Close all open instances of VS.
  3. Install special string generator.
  4. Open VS and create or open a database project.
  5. Create or open a generation plan for table(s) with string fields to receive random car signs.
  6. Select table and field to receive custom car signs.
  7. In the generators list select "CarSignGenerator".
  8. In Properties Window enter desired country (currently only DE and RU supported).
  9. Use VS Menu "Data" -> "Data Generator" -> "Preview Data Generation" to inspect generated car signs.


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