Saturday, November 27, 2010

Microsoft Codename Atlanta – monitoring SQL installation - welcome!

Yes, Microsoft does offer a new cloud service to monitor and guard your SQL Server installation. Local installation, I mean, not the SQL Server Azure.

Here the details : – Registration (Live) is required.


After registration you will be provided with a link to download a certificate (will be installed locally) and a software modules. Store the certificate locally (you will need it later) and the software setup as well.

The software setup provides you with three setup variants: setup agent (collects information about local SQL installation), gateway (sends data collected by agents to the cloud) or both.


For single box or evaluation purposes you’d choose to setup both agent and gateway.

While gateway installs you’ll be prompted for the issued certificate (s. above):


Complete the setup and wait a couple of minutes, then go to the and sign in – you’ll be redirected to the page where all the diagnostics information is shown:


Click on error or warning in the provided list – and enjoy the explanation of the cause and cure below the list:


As you see, there’s also a link to appreciated download – if applicable.

The usage of Atlanta in the beta phase is for free, but requires registration.

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