Friday, April 15, 2011

Internet Explorer 10 Preview: download the testdrive

IE10 is available for download:

Here is it:

Lot of Demos, Developer Information etc. User Guide is here:

Developer Tools are already included and can be launched as usual: F12. As expected, browser compatibility mode 10 has been added:


Useful: main menu –> Report Issue –> Run IE Diagnostics. Displays a lot of info about current system and provides 2 protocol options - network and process activity:


The results are written in a cab file.

“Microsoft continues HTML5 commitment and leadership with the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 10.” (from here)

IE10 expected to be delivered also for tablets, in perspective probably also for Windows Phone devices.

While there is no support for Windows Vista and older, this preview version does install and run side-by-side with IE9 on the Win7 with all most recent updates and fixes – at least on my machine. The public updates are expected to be available every 12 weeks.

Download and enjoy the exploring of IE10!

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