Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TFS 2008 Problem: Unable to connect to the Windows SharePoint Services

Assume, you plan to create a new TFS project using TFS 2008. Everything goes well up to the last step - then an error dialog appears saying “Unable to connect to the Windows SharePoint Services at <URI>”:


The reason is, the TFS instance cannot create the Sharepoint Portal for the project. More information is to find in the error log file on the TFS server.

Most popular problem are changed connection properties to Sharepoint instance (for example, port number). In this case the log file contains message, that the server rejects the connection on used URI.
(We discounter this error due to uncoordinated change in Sharepoint configuration, where the port number was altered in mistake).

OK, two things to take away.

1. Show the current TFS settings.

Log-in to TFS server, got to the TFS program files folder, the to the “Tools” subfolder – here you find the TfsAdminUtil: administration utility for TFS.

Start it using following command line:

TfsAdminUtil configureconnections

You see all the important current settings for local TFS instance:


2. Change required setting

For this task TfsAdminUtil offers set of keys/options:


For example, use /SharepointAdminUri: to change Sharepoint Administration URI:

TfsAdminUtil configureconnections /SharepointAdminUri:http://myserver:myport/_vti_adm/admin.asmx

Think about full path to the administration service file (.asmx), not just admin site URL!


Use TfsAdminUtil to view changed settings as shown above, restart TFS server and enjoy!

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