Sunday, September 02, 2012

“Base system device” problem, missing driver and “PCI-Bus 2 Device 6 Function 4” location

After a clean Windows installation on HP 6910p notebook with all the drivers from accompanying DVD there was still a “yellow” node in device tree with an unrecognized base system device (the system is localized in german, so the screenshots are in german as well)

The unrecognized device is located at “PCI Bus 2, Device 6, Function 4” (in german - PCI-Bus 2, Gerät 6, Funktion 4).

Neither Windows Updates nor scan the driver DVD gave answer what device isn’t recognized.

SiSoftware Sandra detected in the notebook the PCI buses and their characteristics:


Next step – detect the attached device and read it’s characteristics:


So, the unrecognized device is the “Ricoh MMC Bus Host Adapter”.

The matching driver was found on the HP driver download page


Download, install, restart, enjoy!


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