Sunday, February 10, 2013

Enable time synchronization for Hyper-V guest VM

It’s a very good idea to enable time synchronization between Hyper-V host and guest VM. Otherwise, you may run into risk, that neither RDP session not file sharing can be used for communication with the VM. The error message may look like:


"Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer.  Make sure your computer's clock is set to the correct time and then try connecting again.  If the problem occurs again, contact your network administrator or the owner of the remote computer."


Yes, you should connect then the console on the VM and check and setup the date/time manually. But you can let the system do it automatically for you.

Open Hyper-V settings for the VM and check the “Integration services” settings: which services are enabled


Ensure “Time synchronization” service is enabled:



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