Friday, September 17, 2010

4Shared Toolbar causes Internet Explorer 9 Beta crash

Just installed IE9 Beta on one of my boxes running Windows Server 2008 R2: previous IE version was 8 – with minimum of add-ons.

The 32Bit version of IE9 Beta crashes immediately – and does it in cycle: one crash dialog window closes - the next one opens immediately. The 64Bit version does work properly, but… the pages using 32Bit extensions (ActiveX etc.) do not work – as by design.

Investigation starts with launch Internet Explorer with alls add-ons disabled:

c:>Program Files(x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore –extoff

Then disable all add-ons (I’ve disabled all but Microsoft extensions) and restart IE. Step by step enable add-ons and restart IE – until it crashes on start.

In my case it was Toolbar version


BTW, there’s a very interesting article from Mark Russinovich, describing high-level investigation of random IE crash using debugging techniques:

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