Monday, September 27, 2010

Problems installing SQL 2008 R2 Developer edition on virtual machine

This is a standard way for me: create a VM (Virtual PC, Virtual Server, Windows XP Mode, Hyper-V), attach an ISO file with desired OS, install OS, attach an ISO file with SQL developer edition, install SQL.

Used it for SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 – now started with 2008 R2: downloaded an ISO file from MSDN subscriptions and used it as described above.

First problems came during the setup: suddenly the setup program reported something like that:

“Could not find module to install”

Setup was interrupted, I tried it over and over again – pretty same result. Bad ISO? Downloaded it again – same result. Somehow I succeeded to continue setup SQL server (using Repair, then add new features to existing instance), but then came another error message I cannot get rid of

“Could not find the Database Engine startup handle”

Fully confused, I burned the ISO file to DVD, mounted it to VM and installed SQL 2008 R2 without problems.

Another VM is running in Hyper-V on a server outside of manual accessibility, so I cannot just put a DVD into the DVD drive and do the same. Here helped WinRAR: extracted all the files in a temporary folder on VM (be sure using a short named path – former SQL installations were not tolerant to LFNs/blanks in path name etc.) and started the setup as usual – succeeded!

Summary: the solution is – either try to burn the image to a DVD and use the physical drive or extract the files using WinRAR and start the setup from filesystem.

Just mounting an ISO file as a virtual DVD is not suitable for SQL 2008 R2 developer edition – this is my experience. Since the setup of SQL 2008 R2 is not a-couple-of-minutes-business, this solution may save you a big portion of your time (despite of nerves).


UPD: Similar problems are described here:

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