Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Error: Windows Movie Maker cannot be used with Remote Desktop Connection or Terminal Services

Imagine, you’d like to use Windows Movie maker as known within Windows XP – whatever you reason should be. With Windows 7 and Windows XP mode you get an individual single instance of Windows XP inside of your Windows 7.

Starting Windows (XP) Movie Maker you may get following error message:


Go to the settings of your VM and disable integration features WHILE THE VM IS RUNNING:


Re-login if required and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip. worked for me... now just need to get my device to be detected...

Anonymous said...

This works. Thanks!

One note : I did not have the "Tools" in the menu bar, so had to go back to

1. Windows 7 >Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC

2. click on Windows Virtual PC, this will bring up a Virtual Machines window

3. right click on a current running VM; mine was named "Windows XP Mode...", and pick "Settings"

4. On the left, click on "Integration Features", then de-check "Enable at startup"

5. You will need to re-start the VM for the settings to take effect

winmike said...

Also a suitabel solution: but it disables the integration features for this VM totally - it may be dangerous if you use the same machine.
Disableing for the next session is a flexible solution...